The team at Lateral, with the assistance of qualified medical Covid-19 specialists, have developed a thorough Event Safety Protocol Plan (ESPP) for creating, communicating and delivering events in ways that;

  • Ease the angst of guests emerging from lockdown
  • Provide the safest environment possible
  • Abide by the State Health Authorities’ rules and regulations
  • Abide by the best practices of the World Health Organisation

As restrictions such as social distancing, differ from State to State and from week to week, Lateral will constantly amend the protocols accordingly.

Lateral is working in cooperation with venues and suppliers to ensure a whole-of-event approach is taken to observing the protocols.

Lateral will scan all event, venue and supplier staff into and out of the site, and will scan all guests and hosts, providing a complete record of who has attended where when, and the contact details of those people. Lateral requires all event, venue and supplier staff to download the COVIDSafe App, and recommends that all hosts and guests are similarly required to download the App.

Lateral’s event planning will include a range of measures to ensure the safety of all participants, with a Risk Register and Risk Mitigation Plan for each event.

A detailed Event Safety Protocol Plan (ESPP) will be developed for each event, specific to the venue, the event and the government rules and regulations at that time, and will be shared with clients in advance, to provide the upmost confidence that the safety and comfort of guests is assured.

Lateral will supplement the venue’s existing safety measures, where required, with self-standing automatic touch free hand sanitiser dispensers and will have available onsite, for use if required, infrared non-contact forehead thermometers, supplies of plastic gloves and masks, biodegradable bags for guest’s coats and bags left at cloakrooms.

Delivering events as Covid-19 restrictions lift has introduced a new paradigm for event management. Lateral’s 23 years of upscale event management experience coupled with the advice and assistance of qualified medical Covid-19 specialists enable us to provide the safest, and most professional events possible.