Lateral has engaged a panel of medical practitioners working on the frontline against COVID-19 to work with the Lateral Team in the development of the measures required to deliver events.

All three panel members are experienced in medical disaster logistics and have delivered over 12,000 Covid-19 medical assessments in workplaces; the largest workplace COVID-19 testing protocol in Australia. They have experience in managing fever clinics and COVID-19 medical wards in tertiary hospitals, giving them early access to the latest Federal and State Government guidelines as well as insight into the latest infectious disease research. We have ongoing dialogue with this panel to ensure a gold-standard of COVID-19 safety for the delivery of events.

All Lateral staff have completed training with this panel of medical experts as well as a course in Infection Control Training specific for COVID 19 run by the Australian Government.

The team at Lateral has updated its Event Safety Protocol Plan (ESPP) to include new measures for COVID-19.

This plan is guided by Lateral’s panel of medical experts and will deliver events in ways that:

  • Provide the safest possible environment for our unique events
  • Abides by the State Health Authority rules and regulations of each state
  • Abides by the best practices of the Federal Government and World Health Organisation
  • Work in cooperation with venues and suppliers to ensure a whole-of-event approach is taken to observing the protocols
  • Recognises guests’ anxieties as they emerge from lock-down

Lateral is prepared to rapidly update these safety protocols to meet any change in social distancing restrictions mandated by each State.

A detailed ESPP, Risk Register and Risk Mitigation Plan will be developed for each event, specific to the venue, the event and the government rules and regulations at that time.

Delivering events as COVID-19 restrictions lift has introduced a new paradigm for event management. Lateral’s 23 years of upscale event management experience, coupled with the advice and assistance of a qualified panel of medical experts, enables us to provide the safest and most professional events possible.