Journeying into the Cosmos


Major IT company undergoing significant change and with complex messages to deliver to a large workforce of engineers and technicians across the country.


To capture the imagination of the ‘nerdy’ orientated staff by through a road show at which senior executives presented corporate as well as technological updates.  Road Show, internal audience, five cities, annual.


Within a tied seating venue a large stage was constructed to resemble the flight desk of the Starship Enterprise. Three large screens were depicted as the windows of the space ship, constantly showing the passage through space. Two transporters beamed presenters on and off stage, and into the screen to conduct interviews with pre-videoed guest speakers. Presenters sat at control modules on stage.  Mixing up the genre of sci-fi programming, the MC was Doctor Who, with various other sci-fi heroes making guest appearances.


Perhaps the most transportive road show known to man. The audience of technically minded nerdy engineers and technicians had previously been ambivalent and unreceptive to traditional presentations. Journeying through the Cosmos received rapturous plaudits. Post event surveys prove that the core messages were driven home.

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