The French Wine Revolution


Prestigious financial institution; Wealth Management


To create an event that provided an experience not available elsewhere, that appealed to a broad number of people, and then demonstrated the value the bank placed on the guests. To stage the event in such a way as to allow intimate discussions in a convivial setting throughout the evening. An event that spouses would enjoy, thereby increasing take up. One of a series of events, external audience, national, bi-annual.


Over several centuries the French have developed the style of wines we have all grown up with. They set the benchmark, and their iconic wines are rightfully renowned. However, a revolution in the wine industry has seen the new world create super premium wines that outshine the French.

At the French Wine Revolution, we pitch the very best wines of France against the best comparable wines the world has to offer.

Staged at Bentley Restaurant in Sydney, head chef Brent Savage prepared a superlative menu to match and complement the wines while Lateral’s resident wine expert Dr Craig Johnston provided a narrative on the history of French winemaking and of the vineyards, as well as taking the guests through the nuances of the wines themselves.


Whereas upscale wine dinners are normally staged by single vineyards or wine brands, Lateral’s wine dinners bring together wines according to their merits, not their ownership. Ergo guests can experience the very best wines from all quarters.

The level of acceptance from the AAA guest list was remarkable, and the event provided the perfect forum for establishing, maintaining or enhancing relationships with the bank’s most important customers.

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