Afterlife Club

After Lateral’s public events, the star of the show likes to sit back and relax, joined by a few members of the audience, have a little antipasti, some rather good wine and discuss anything and everything. You could call this a Meet & Greet and that is how it started, but it has evolved into a much more personal, more intermate occasion where everyone gets to ask their questions and exchange their views in a relaxed atmosphere.

Afterlife Tickets include the very best seats in the theatre, normally in the front eight rows, a personally signed book or Official Program, antipasti, wine, beer or soft drinks and each guest has a photograph with the star taken by our professional photographer. Admission is restricted to a maximum of forty guests.

It’s a great way to end the evening.


Best known for his wickedly sassy travel books, Bill Bryson undertook the gigantean task of providing a layman’s take on science in the best-selling ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’. For the past three years Bill Bryson has been taking a good long look at the human body. The result; his latest soon-to-be-released tome ‘The […]

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