Post-Show VIP ‘Afterlife Club’ BRIAN COX 2017


It has taken 4 billion years from the origin of life on Earth to produce living things that can contemplate the true scale of the Universe, and our contemplations raise challenging questions about our place and value amongst an infinite sea of stars.

Using state of the art visuals, Professor Brian Cox will explore the Cosmos as revealed to us by modern astronomy; a place of bright swirling galaxies, dark energy, black holes and billions of potential homes for life. The evening will be mesmerising for all ages, deeply satisfying for the scientifically minded, intriguing and inspirational for the novice.

Professor Brian Cox has accepted Lateral Event’s invitation to tour Australia and, for the first time, New Zealand, in November; presenting an all new live stage show.

Brian Cox is one of the world’s foremost communicator of all thing scientific. His innate ability to make highly complex matters entertaining and easy to contemplate has made his scientific television shows ground breaking in their audience reach and accessibility.

Joining Brian on stage will be British comedian, actor and writer Robin Ince, Brian’s co-host on the BBC Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Professor Brian Cox OBE is a British particle physicist at the University of Manchester and Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science. He has carried out research at the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland and the HI experiment at DESY in Hamburg.

He is best known to the public as the presenter of a number of science programs for the BBC, boosting the popularity of astronomy, physics and exploration.


Join Brian Cox in the ‘Afterlife Club’ for a glass of wine and some antipasti as he winds down after the show. Chat about absolutely anything, have the obligatory photo and enjoy the intimate setting.

Date: Thursday 2 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: The Plenary – MCEC
Capacity: 40
Date: Saturday 4 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: Great Hall – BCEC
Capacity: 40
Date: Tuesday 7 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: ASB Theatre
Capacity: 40
* prices displayed and charged in AUD$
Date: Thursday 9 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
Capacity: 40
Date: Saturday 11 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: Royal Theatre
Capacity: 40
Date: Tuesday 14 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: Hall H – Adelaide Convention Centre
Capacity: 40
Date: Thursday 16 November
Time: 7:30pm – approx. 11pm
Venue: Riverside Theatre – PCEC
Capacity: 40
  • VIP ticket (best in the house, front rows)
  • Meet & Greet with Brian Cox post show with wines, beer, soft drinks and antipasti
  • Signed copy of Brian Cox’s book
  • Official show program
  • A professional photographer will take photographs of Brian Cox with each guest

$485 per person

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