Lateral's Recent Awards


  • Best Regional Event of the Year
    L’Étape Australia
    National Finalist


Lateral’s CEO Simon Baggs was awarded the highest accolade in the event industry, the Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Best National Public Event of the Year
    L’Étape Australia
  • Best National Regional Event of the Year
    L’Étape Australia
  • Best Special Event (Victoria)
    Michael Palin – Live on Stage


  • Best National Public Event of the Year
    L’Étape Australia
  • Best National Regional Event of the Year
    L’Étape Australia
  • National Platinum Award

What people say about Lateral

Sir David Attenborough

Simon Baggs and his Lateral team devised a stage show, in which I reminisced about my career, and arranged to tour it around Australia. In prospect I felt there would inevitably be an element of drudgery. In the event the whole tour was so flawlessly and imaginatively organised that it was a pleasure from start to finish.

Now, after four tours, I cannot recommend him and his team more highly to anyone hoping to embark on such an enterprise.

Prof Brian Cox

Working with Lateral Events was and continues to be a wonderful experience. Everything is arranged to the highest standard, from the smallest detail to hotels, flights and venue booking.

Lateral’s pre-production, technical development and creative talent are a joy to work with.

Lateral are quite simply the best in the business.

Sir Michael Palin

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lateral on the Michael Palin – Live on Stage tour. They had taken the time and trouble to put together an eye-catching stage design and to create a new show around me, but we were all under pressure with a minimum of time to put it all together. If it had not been for their experience and professionalism in staging, cueing and lighting, together with an inspired choice of on-stage host in Adam Spencer, I doubt we could have made it to first night so quickly and effectively.

Their secret is to have honed a team which works together well and has the confidence to accommodate all the last-minute changes and improvisations which keep a show like mine fresh every night. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and I never felt any inhibition in voicing ideas. There was always someone available to talk to, and indeed many of the best ideas came from Lateral themselves.

It is a special skill to fit a show around two people who have never worked together before and to give that show richness and real production value on a tight schedule. I certainly had doubts and worries about the scope of what we were trying to do. Now, after a most successful tour, I’d be happy to do the shows all over again.

Lateral are an extremely efficient, well-drilled and dependable unit who really look after their artists.

Colonel Chris Hadfield – Astronaut, Commander of the International Space Station (ISS)

Lateral Events is a top-tier organization. I have spoken for 25 years all around the world, and Lateral’s attention to detail, professionalism and personal care are unmatched. I look forward to our next events together!

Bill Bryson - Author

When I agreed to do a tour with Lateral Events, I thought it would be a reasonably pleasant experience. I was wrong. It was a thousand times better than that.

I have never known any organisation to be more friendly, thoughtful, attentive and all-round adorable than Lateral. I had a fantastic time on my trip through Australia, and it was entirely because of the care and professionalism that Simon Baggs and his team brought to every aspect of the business, both onstage and off.

Phil Liggett – The Voice of the Tour de France

Cycling, as both a sport and pastime, has never had a higher profile, and the decision by Lateral to present The Tour on Stage in Sydney and Melbourne theatres was a brave and bold one that has never before been attempted. Living true to its name, Lateral succeeded enormously and gave the sport a new presence in the entertainment business.

It is a Company with vast experience and with such a professional team; the venture was always destined for success.