At Lateral we have a true team – highly energetic and positive people who combine to bring all the skills required to stage extraordinary events.

We are experienced, creative and proactive challengers who are pragmatic, detail-orientated and budget conscious. Lateral’s event producers are excellent communicators able to navigate the complexities of corporate structures and recognise the power of live events to influence and change people’s behaviour.

Event Management Sydney

  • Simon Baggs
  • Megan Peters
    General Manager
  • Jette Sargood
    Senior Executive
  • Peter Adams
    Theatre Show Director
  • Lori Arambasic
    Finance and Office Manager
  • Florent Malézieux
    Head of Sports
  • Isabelle Cherry
    Head of Premium Events
  • Caroline Didier
    Senior Event Producer
  • Ryan Middleton
    Operations Manager
  • Charlotte Best
    Event Manager
  • Kristy Gan
    Graphic Designer
  • Irene Lopez
    Sports Event Coordinator
  • Rachel Tibbertsma
    Event Coordinator

Event Management Melbourne

  • Brendan Lee
    Event Producer
  • Frosina Pavlickovska
    Event Manager

Event Management Perth

  • Wendy Wardell
    Event Producer
  • Courtney Muskett
    Event Manager
  • Denise Bradley
    Event Manager

Event Management Auckland

  • Natasha Smith
    Event Manager