Over the past few weeks the team at Lateral Events have lived and breathed the very beginning of the universe; that moment when everything that is in our universe today was contained in a space smaller than a single atom. Each evening we’d experience the Big Bang, the expanding universe, and sit back in awe at the unfathomable mind of Albert Einstein who, in 1915, came up with the theory of General Relativity. This theory replaced Newton’s law of universal gravitation and if you delve into this for a bit you can see why many physicists regard General Relativity as the most beautiful piece of physics yet devised by the human mind.

Riveting cosmology and physics live on stage, presented by one of the world’s foremost science communicators, Professor Brian Cox, filled theatres across Australia. Thousands upon thousands of nerds, geeks, science lovers and the curious hung on Brian’s every Mancunian word.

Cutting edge science with all the trappings of theatre and high tech production is a phenomenal combination. This was no lecture – it was a show – but what was that? Cosmology played a part in the weather of the Rift Valley which, the theory goes, was responsible for humans developing a larger brain and therefore becoming – us. No ordinary evening this.

How brilliant that we can learn so much through events – what a sensational medium!