On Tuesday 8th December, Lateral Events hosted a lunch at Firedoor in Surry Hills.

Rewind 9 months, to March 2020, and if you had have asked whether we would host a client event in December, we’d have thought you were crazy. Of course we would not host in December – we would be far too busy and would not have the capacity or time to host clients.

And then came Covid. Without warning, we suddenly had nothing but time and capacity!

As we come to the end of what has been a calamity of a 2020, it was an absolute pleasure to be able to return to Firedoor with our clients, both long standing and new, along with some dear friends and colleagues.

It was a fitting return to live events for the Lateral Team. It was at Firedoor, on that fateful day in March when the world started closing down around us, that we had to cancel the first of over 100 events due to Covid – on the day that the event was due to take place. We were devastated – as was the Firedoor team.

During Covid, we then worked with them on an amazing online experience getting to know the man behind the chef Lennox Hastie and cook some of his signature dishes at home.

To then return to Firedoor for the first live event after Covid seemed a natural fit, and we thank the Firedoor team for going on this journey with us. The food was simply outstanding.

The Lateral Lunch was the 6th Live event we have delivered in 2020. Pre-Covid, we were due to deliver 195 live events.

With nothing but time and capacity on our hands throughout 2020, the team have put these resources to good use. We remained steadfast throughout 2020 in our mission to not hibernate, but to use this time we had to assess and create.

We are thrilled to be heading in to 2021 with a suite of events full of ideas that we created. Our two Theatre Show tours that were postponed in 2021 – Dr Michael Mosley and Geoffrey Robertson QC – are back on sale and we are seeing great confidence in the ticket sale numbers.

We have also spent the time creating a brand new event concept – which we were thrilled to launch to the guests at our Firedoor Lunch. This event will be a major, annual, unique event that will become a feature of the Arts and Entertainment calendar.

Something good had to come of 2020, and for us it is that we have had time to hone our skills, enhance our creativity, and return to 2021 with a barrel full of event concepts.