Highly creative and unique event management is an art.

But when it is art that brings people together, to bring art to life, to interpret the art from the psychological viewpoint of the art subjects, and relating that narrative, gently, to a client’s messaging, it is experiential event management in action.

Lateral has become adept at establishing environments within art galleries, in the midst of the art, where we conduct events at which the wines and the food are selected to better interpret the lives of the people depicted within the art surrounding us.

This is about storytelling, providing the back stories of the artworks, the artists and subjects, and relating those stories though the food and wine. And it provides the perfect convivial forum for relationship marketing.

Our research team, in collaboration with experts from the gallery, paired back the life and times of renowned English artist John Constable whose work hung in the gallery. We identified the diets, the wines and the norms of dining in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s when Constable was at his prime. This provided the inspiration for the dinner, and brought to life the very personal and revealing back story of the artist and his work.

The event management can be challenging; providing high-end restaurant food and service levels in a room designed to provide space for the appreciation of art. But with skill, that can be overcome.

Conceptualising a new and unique experiential event and delivering on that creative is the fuel that inspires us every day. Event management companies thrive within a very demanding, everchanging and challenging environment, both creatively and logistically.

The guests who attended our art events this winter have described the evenings as ‘transportive’ and ‘extraordinary’. Our clients have commissioned additional events, and placed events at the centre of their strategy for client and prospect enhancement.

Corporate event management has come a long way; and there is no limit to its possibilities.