Event management can be many things, but it is seldom more rewarding than producing live events with Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David spent much of his career in front of the camera and rarely met his audiences in person. So spending an evening in a room with thousands of fans was a new experience for him. While Sir David has delivered lectures and spoken in public many times, he had never appeared in a stage show devoted to him, his career and natural history.

The first two tours focused on exploring natural history, the evolution of filming techniques and his expeditions to the remotest parts of the globe. Stunning high definition programming was shown on massive curved LED screens. Funny, informative, educational and awe-inspiring, the first two tours sold out as soon as they went on sale.

One of these live events was filmed for TV and was broadcast worldwide.

For the third tour we raised the bar a little, using 3D technology to bring the natural world to life. Sir David had been filming using 3D technology as it is especially powerful for showing the lives of smaller life forms in vivid detail.

An event with an audience of 5,000 wearing 3D glasses was, in itself, a sight to behold.

Sir David’s advancing years has not slowed him down in any way. The fourth tour featured his latest programming, including scenes never shown before, and a show which was superbly rich in the wonders of the natural world.

At Lateral Events, we feel entrusted by both Sir David and his audiences to conceptualise and deliver the best live event experience possible. We know that seeing Sir David Attenborough live on stage is a very special event, and judging by three standing ovations at each of the forty sold out events, we hope that that trust is well placed.