When I see the full-page adverts in the Sydney Morning Herald telling us ‘if your brand isn’t here, it’s nowhere’, I smell the desperation of the print ad sales people. Of course, the assumption now is that digital marketing is now the dominant tour de force. That may be true, but it would ignore the uncomfortable truth that live events are rising up relentlessly, a force that has already seized over 20% of everyone’s budget, and is growing inexorably.

Research carried out in 2019 by software company Bizzabo.com, polled 1,000 mid-to-senior level marketers at companies like Amazon, KPMG and Porsche, and concluded that 41% of respondents consider live events to be critical in achieving business outcomes (out of 9 possible channels), reflecting a 32% increase since 2017.

As an event company, we use a mix of digital media to invite people to our events; but it is the promise of an extraordinary, money-can’t-buy experience that breaks through the clutter and gets results. At our events relationships are formed which develop long-term sales and loyalty.

The battle front isn’t which media one uses, but who can deliver the events with the right money-can’t-buy-experiences.

And that, of course, would be us.

So – let’s have a chat.