At a time when traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective, relationship marketing through events is evolving strongly. Developing a series of extraordinary events that attract participation from hard to reach target corporation senior executives or high net worth individuals for both conquest and retention is immensely valuable.

Events provide an opportunity to get to know your clients – to understand what motivates them and what distresses them. It enables the free flow of information about both the company and the industry, providing a forum where much can be said that would otherwise remain unsaid. Events enable you to learn from your clients, and to communicate to them in a friendly and social environment. Not only do you have a chance to get your message across, you have the unique opportunity to receive immediate feedback and the chance to address all thoughts your message provokes.

When constructing your event concept, don’t forget that communication between hosts and guests is essential, and is one of the key benefits of events over other forms of marketing. Allow plenty of time for interaction between guests on a personal level to ensure you are utilising one of the most unique and valued strategies of events in relationship marketing.