Knowledge is power. Your existing clients and prospects possess the knowledge that can lead to increased revenue, retention and valuable market intelligence. To gain this knowledge from your clients, a relationship must be established, maintained, and nurtured.

Given that it costs five times more to secure a new client than to retain an existing one, nurturing clients at events should be high on the agenda. But is it? And are you doing it well enough? And are you leveraging the opportunity that spending time with your clients in convivial surroundings provides?

It is important to understand that events create a forum where you can spend quality time with your clients, while concurrently delivering an experience and a standard of event delivery that will greatly enhance your guests’ view of your organisation. Through research and delivery, soon you will have a room full of the people who will influence your future earnings.

Right through our lives we will remember events that inspired us, moved us, or made us sad. Events are a powerful medium and one that is little understood as a tool to building commercial relationships and retaining clients.

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