After more than two months of lockdown, things in Australia are slowly opening back up. You are now able to enjoy brunch in your favourite café, get a beer at your local pub or visit a beauty salon.

While there are still restrictions in place, the affordance of such liberties should have businesses asking – “what can we do moving forward?”

According to Lateral Event Management owner and CEO Simon Baggs, now is the time for businesses to start thinking about how they send the right message to stakeholders and clients.

“Our generation has never faced such a period of uncertainty. I think by now we are across the measures taken to combat the pandemic, but we just do not know in what state society and business in general will be in post-pandemic,” he told B&T

“Every organisation in every industry is looking ahead as best they can, planning for the challenges and opportunities that await them.

“But they should not do this in isolation (excuse the pun), they need to share their vision for the future with their stakeholders, re-invigorate their client relationships and motivate their staff, so they can move forward into the future with a swagger in their step.”

And what better way to get the conversation rolling than with a face-to-face event.

“This is where events come in,” Baggs said. “Well organised live, in-person events are the only forum that can achieve these aims.”

“The difference here is that we are applying medical skills to our corporate events, sharing our detailed plans with medical experts who review the plans, make recommendations and ensure we have everything in place for any eventuality.

The prospect of mass gatherings or larger events is still some time away, but that doesn’t mean the planning process has to be delayed, argued Baggs.

“I see no problem at all with starting the planning process now, developing the event that will deliver the right outcomes. Planning takes time, we should use this time to plan,” he said.

“The issue is when to hold the event, and that is a part of the planning process, and needs to take into account external conditions.”

Of course it’s fair to say events will be a little different once they start to return. While every event will be slightly different, the immediate focus will be social distancing, ensuring there is the right medical advice and making sure you know who is in the room.

“No one will be allowed to enter an event randomly, we will have the contact details of all staff, suppliers, hosts and guests and we will encourage everyone to have downloaded the COVIDSafe App.”

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Source: BandT